Philosophy - Vision

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The inspiring verses from Guru Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Gitanjali’ are a source of perennial inspiration for THE PUPIL.

Today’s highly competitive and fast paced world calls for a multitude of skills. As the children of the twenty first century stand at the threshold of opportunities, technology and social demands, it is imperative that we equip them with the right knowledge, life skills and values that will enable children to view life as a journey and enjoy its twists and turns.

THE PUPIL as the name suggests denotes a student and echoes our child centric philosophy. Just as the pupil of the eye is the gateway to light and enables us to see the world, THE PUPIL (our school) is a gateway that channelises knowledge and helps focus their energy in the right direction to enable them realise their VISION FOR LIFE.



pupil vision


THE PUPIL will be an ideal preparatory ground for life, where every child transforms into a balanced mature person with sound body, mind and spirit, ready to meet the challenges of the twenty first century with zeal and enthusiasm.


Mission of Pupil Eco School:

1. To create a new genre of global citizens, who transcend the narrow domains of religion, caste and race, are sensitive to needs of fellow humans, and committed to protect environment.

2. To develop children who can think on their own, have the confidence and skills to excel in their own charted path, and the courage to stand firm on ethical values.

3. To create a model education system, rooted in wisdom traditions, integrating the best  of modern technology and progressive pedagogy philosophies.