1. Enlightened Curriculum

Our students experience a rich and personalised curriculum which recognises their individual talents and interests and provides them with the skills, qualifications and self-confidence they need to pursue their ambitions. The interactive curriculum is designed on the principle of learning by doing. The emphasis is on developing life skills such as communication, team building and self confidence.

Learning by Experience

The learning by experience method is carefully implemented and followed for imparting hands on knowledge to the students.

  • Interactive Learning

The students are encouraged to be inquisitive and the teachers make use of features like the Smart Board, Internet and well stocked Library to support interactive learning and look beyond the textbook.

Each period at our school is scheduled for an hour. This helps in effective delivery of topics integrated with practical activities to ingrain the concepts dealt within the class.

  • Involved Practice

Well equipped science laboratories, computer science labs and art and music rooms ensure that students get to experiment and experience their lessons first hand.

The Burrow

Is a unique concept science lab designed by a team of experts at our school. The children are exposed to graded scientific axioms through carefully designed experiments and specimens, that kindle the curiosity of the child and help him/her learn through scientific inquiry and observation. The Burrow as the name suggests is where the students probe and uncover the nature, by himself/herself. The lab is open to children from class I upwards.


Projects relevant to the curriculum are administered from time to time to encourage team spirit, planning and a sense of research that augments development of these qualities in a growing child.





2. Broadening Horizons

  • Field Trips

Students are more receptive when they observe the concepts they learn are put into practice. The field trips at The Pupil are carefully planned and aligned to the lessons taught at the school.

  • General Assembly

We believe in grooming students to become competent leaders in their chosen field. With this objective in mind, students are given a platform to express themselves without any inhibitions. Activities like elocution, debates, spell bee, recitation etc are regularly conducted every term and we ensure 100% participation by all the students.

  • Newspaper in Education

The student edition of Times of India is distributed to every child in the school everyday to inculcate reading habit. Special news reading and debating sessions are conducted to improve their awareness in current affairs and vocabulary,too.

  • Cambridge English Tests

The Young Learners English exams are conducted every year to help the students gauge their proficiency in English language. The students are trained and assessed every year, and certification of completion is given by Cambridge University.

  • Chrysalis

A special structured computer education programme is introduced from primary class to high school for the students to emerge computer proficient and enable them hone their tech savvy skills.






3. Value Lab- Honest Shop

One of the Pupil's unique ventures is the honest shop. Here, the stationery items required for daily use are arranged along side a ledger and a money box. The students pick up the items they need and deposit the appropriate amount in the money box . The students take turns to maintain the balance sheet of the shop.






4. The Eco Pledge

Once your child steps into THE PUPIL he or she will be initiated into environment friendly living and practices. This includes a unique Eco Pledge that each pupilite takes every day before the classes begin. This sets the tone for the day and it is most inspiring to see all the students observe the tenets of the pledge with utmost commitment.

The Eco Friendliness

The students learn to do many small things that add up and helps the school maintain its environment friendly status. The students diligently collect waste from the classroom and segregate them for disposal; they take care to switch off the electricity when they leave the classroom or when they don’t need it. The visit to the washroom is yet another opportunity to practice prevention of water wastage through limited and intelligent use.